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Summer Berry Pies

Part One

What would make your homemade pies even more special?
A Sculptured Butterfly Crust!

Strawberry Butterfly Pie

Here's how:

Strawberry Butterfly Pie


Basic Pie Crust Recipe

     1 cup vegtable shortening
     2 2/3 cup flour
     1 teaspoon salt
     7-8 tablespoon ice cold water

Mix flour and salt thoroughly in bowl, cut in shortening with a pastry cutter or fork until dough is the size of small peas. Sprinkle water on a tablespoon at a time, gently mixing with a fork until moistened.

TIP: The two most important tips for a great pie crust are to use ice water and to mix and handle the dough as little as possible after the water has been added.

Gather crust into a ball, divide in half and lightly shape into two flattened balls. Roll bottom crust about two inches wider than the size of the top of the pie plate (turn it upside down to determine size). Fit bottom crust into your favorite pie plate, leaving a small overhanging edge.

Lightly flour your Kaleidoscope Butterfly mold. You can roll out the dough to a slightly larger diameter than the mold and press it in, being sure to press it thoroughly into the details.

Or you can just press pieces of dough into the floured mold without without rolling first (favorite method for kids-but be sure to keep your fingers floured!).

CHILL MOLD in freezer until firm (about fifteen minutes).

Pie dough pressinto Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mold

The slightly 'marbled' look means the dough was not overmixed and the crust will be tender and flaky.

For the filling

3/4 to 1 cup of sugar (depending on tartness of fruit and personal preference)
1/2 cup of flour
1 tsp Cinnamon
6 cups of berries
2 Tbsp butter

Mix sugar, flour and cinnamon together in a bowl. Hull and cut large berries into smaller pieces, if necessary.


I like to sprinkle a layer of the sugar/flour mixture on the bottom, then sprinkle it generously between layers of berries.


After all layers are in, dot the top with small cubes of butter...I may have been just a little too generous wih the butter :)


Place the filled, chilled mold on top of the pie and gently peel it off the dough.


Roll and tuck the overlapping edges to seal the sides of the pie. Moisten edges with a little water if necessary to help them stick together.


Kaleidoscope Butterfly Pie-edges sealed

Cut four smal slits in center of pie to vent. Bake at 425°F (218°C/Gas Mark 7) for 40 to 50 minutes, until crust is golden brown and filling begins to bubble out.




Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mold
See larger image

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