Zanda Panda Specialty Baking Molds


About Us


Our primary goal at ZANDA PANDA Specialty Bakeware is to provide unique products of the highest quality that are versatile, fun and easy to use.  We strive to make the name ZANDA PANDA synonymous with quality, innovation and fun!

Our founder and designer, award winning sculptor Sandra Lira is very familiar with silicone. She uses it exclusively as a moldmaking material in the creation of her bronze and resin sculpture due to its durable nature and its ability to faithfully reproduce even the most intricate details.

Feeling that most silicone bakeware on the market were replicas of metal or ceramic pans, Lira set out to make a line of truly innovative designs that utilized all of silicones amazing properties.  These mold designs cannot be made in metal, glass or ceramic.  They require the durability, flexibility and heat resistance of silicone.

Zanda Panda silicone products are manufactured to the highest standards. Only FDA approved, certified 100% food-grade, platinum cured silicone is used in our products, with absolutely no fillers added.

As you might expect, achieving such a high level of detail in our unique designs requires many extra steps in the production process. However, we insist on combining excellent craftsmanship, premium quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes to bring you Zanda Panda Specialty Bakeware, and we are committed to offering them to you at very competitive prices.

Information is also important to us.  The packaging of every mold includes step-by-step instructions, recipes and ideas for inventive ways to use the molds for traditional baking, cold-molded desserts and arts & crafts.  More information and ideas can be found on our company website.

Please compare Zanda Panda products with other bakeware. We are confident that you will find our innovative design, versatility and durability unmatched by any other brand!


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