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Butterfly Tea Party Click here to see a VIDEO on how to make a Chocolate Cake Topper! Embossed Butterfly Tea Sandwiches Appetizer: Port Wine Cheese Butterflies on Crackers Butterfly-Shaped Mini Sandwich Cookies Butterfly-Topped Cupcakes

Butterfly-Themed Birthday, Garden and Tea Party Ideas

All the goodies pictured above were made with the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mold. To learn how each tasty treat is made, click on it in the picture or scroll down for more information. More ideas for treats and crafts can be found on the "Summer Butterfly Ideas" page. Beautiful stoneware pottery courtesy of Ria Lira Levine.

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Cake Topper

Chocolate Cameo Butterfly Topper
Easy to make multi colored topper for a cake or cheesecake

This technique is easy and the results are beautiful. It looks like a very advanced chocolatier's technique was used, but it's simply made by melting chocolate, pulling one layer over the mold with a spatula, then spreading the second layer (in another color) over the first. The effect is truly elegant. For more information:

Instructions on Zanda Panda Blog.
VIDEO Showing this easy technique in more detail.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

Pastel butterfly topped cupcakes are perfect for a summer get-together, a child's party, or a baby shower. Easily made from pastel fondant found at your local crafts store (in the cake decorating aisle) and the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper. Easy directions on the Zanda Panda Blog.


Embossed Butterfly Tea Sandwiches

Tea Sandwiches Embossed with a Butterfly Design

These sculptured, embossed sandwiches are simple to make. They're also easy enough for kids to make all by themselves. All that you need to make them is soft, thick-sliced bread and your favorite sandwich ingredients. Super simple directions here.

Butterfly and Heart Kaleidoscope Cookies

Kaleidoscope Cookies
Kaleidoscope Heart and Butterfly shaped mini sandwich cookies

These adorable mini sandwich cookies might be my favorite thing to make with the Zanda Panda Kaleidoscope Molds (my second favorite would definitely be mini butterfly shaped guest soap for hostess gifts - we'll have a demo on soapmaking soon). For the best detail, bake the cookies right in the molds, or use as a cookie mold and place them on a baking sheet. Use two cookies with Nutella, chocolate, or icing between for these bite-sized beauties. Click the links below to find:

How to make Kaleidoscope cookies directions and a video
Tips on using Zanda Panda molds for cookies
Recipe for no-spread cookie dough

Butterfly Cheese and Crackers

Kaleidoscope butterflies as cheese and crackers

This photo doesn't do this appetizer justice. They were made with port wine cheese spread, so they were laced with a beautiful purple color. The crackers are 'Sociables'.  Pepperidge Farms also make a butterfly shaped cracker which they look fantastic on.

These were made by filling the butterflies in the mold with port wine cheese spread and freezing it, then popping out the butterflies (make them fairly thick, so they don't crack when removed from the mold). I placed a dollop of cream cheese under each butterfly to hold it in place. Horseradish cream would be great for adult palates.

Cheddar Butterfly
Cheddar Cheese Butterfly on Cracker

Cheddar cheese also works wonderfully in the mold. Basically, squish it in, microwave it for a few seconds and pop them on crackers for a fast and pretty appetizer for a spring or summer get-together. Directions are on the ZP Blog.


I will have a page up soon on easy, yet elegant hostess gifts and equally easy and cute party favors for kid's parties using Zanda Panda molds. Shown above: Trinket box filled with butterfly-shaped soaps.


Kaleidoscope Butterfly
Cake Topper/Cookie/Chocolate/Craft Mold


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