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What Says Summer Better than Butterflies?

Baking and Craft Ideas for Spring/Summer Parties
Butterflies for your Barbecue and Arts & Crafts for Kids.

Kaleidoscope Cookies2 Kaleidoscope Butterfly Cookies made with ZANDA PANDA's Topper Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper Cookies Butterfly Cookies
Zanda Panda Specialty Bakeware's fanciful Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper adds a festive elegance to summer entertaining and crafts projects. 

Whether you need to entertain a crowd at your next cookout, or just one little one on a rainy day, Zanda Panda Bakeware's Kaleidoscope Butterfly mold has a use that will make it a breeze.

Elegant enough for a garden party, yet cute enough for kids, the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper is a shallow 9" round mold. The design as a whole looks much like the view of a child's kaleidoscope and is divided into eight equal sections - so everyone gets a butterfly! Here are some easy and elegant ideas for your Zanda Panda Kaleidoscope Butterfly mold.

Summer Garden Party Dessert Ideas:

 Top a cheesecake with elegant, white chocolate butterflies and scrollwork.
     Dust with edible 'gold' powder. Fast and Fabulous!

 Make two-tone ice cream sandwiches.

 Make mini butterfly-shaped sandwich cookies filled with chocolate or icing
     (see our Cookie-Making video at

 Make butterfly ice cubes for the punch using brightly colored juices.

 Kids can make their own Embossed Butterfly Tea Sandwiches for a child's tea party.

 Embellish cupcakes or other baked goods with multi-colored butterflies made of fondant, chocolate, confectionary coating, marzipan, gelatin or edible clay.

 Create butterfly chocolates, solid or with jam and fruit filled centers.

Arts & Crafts Fun:

 Make fragrant handmade butterfly soaps for a hostess gift or to pamper yourself.

 Create polymer clay butterflies for jewelry and hair ornaments.

 Make cast paper butterflies for invitations and scrapbooking.

 Embellish jewelry boxes, party favor or toy boxes.

 Rainy day clay fun for kids.

And for fall...Monarch Butterfly Cupcakes!  Just use orange food coloring in edible clay and add black and white highlights! Guaranteed to quickly migrate off the plate!

I hope you enjoy exploring the links, please feel free to send photos of your butterfly creations!


Kaleidoscope Butterfly
Topper/Cookie/Chocolate/Craft Mold

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Packaging

Visit the Kaleidoscope Cookie page for more information and
a video on making two-tone cookies and mini sandwich cookies!

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Cake Topper/Cookie/Chocolate/Craft Mold


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Slice of Butterfly Cake made with the ZANDA PANDA Butterfly Cake Topper mold Butterfly Cake made with the Kaleidoscope Cake Topper form ZANDA PANDA Strawwberry Pie Embossed with Butterflies -Made with ZANDA PANDA's Butterfly Cake Topper Trinket Box and Handmade Soap made with the Butterfly Topper from ZANDAPANDA.COM