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Polymer Clay Heart and Butterfly Pins
Also can be used for pendants and appliqués for trinket boxes, hair ornaments, refrigerator magnets and other crafts!

Zanda Panda Heart and Butterfly Pins

A very easy craft project!
Adult supervision required for younger children when baking polymer clay and working with the pin backs. 



You'll need:

        ♥ Polymer clay, such as Super Sculpey or Fimo
        ♥ Adhesive backed pins
        ♥ Optional: rhinestones, acrylic paint or Rub 'n Buff to embellish

To make Kaleidoscope Butterfly or Heart pins (or pendants), you'll use basically the same method used to make mini sandwich cookies (see video).


Easy directions:
Press a small amout of polymer clay into just the butterfly or heart in your Kaleidoscope Mold.
Tap it in, being sure to press it into the design thoroughly.
"Roll" the edges inward with your finger to make a neat edge.



Bake clay in the mold. Check the packaging for recommended temperature and times, which vary slightly
by manufacturer. Temperatures usually range between 230-275° F (110-135° C), 15 min. per quarter inch.

Dmo 3


When cooled, flex the mold slightly to pop out the clay pieces.

Flex to remove from mold

KB Baked

KB Baked 2


Peel, then attach the pin back with it's adhesive strip.

Peel adhesive strip

Attach the pin back


Embellish with 'jewels' or acrylic paint.

Polymer clay Butterfly Pin

For pendants: Use two halves and glue together with a small screw eye in between to thread the chain/cord/ribbon through.

You can also use these appliqués to decorate trinket boxes, hair ornaments, fridge magnets, etc.

Send us photos of your favorite creations!


You can also make cookies in the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Topper/cookie mold and the Kaleidoscope Heart cake/cookie/craft mold or the Unicorn cake/cookie/craft mold using basically the same method as above.

Check out our demo of Kaleidoscope Cookies made with the Kaleidoscope Butterfly and Heart molds. It shows how to make two-toned cookies, which can also be used for ice cream sandwiches and also really cute mini sandwich cookies!

Check out the VIDEO on Kaleidoscope cookie-making!

Kaleidoscope Cookies

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Cake Topper/Cookie/Chocolate/Craft Mold


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