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Unicorn Mold


Unicorn Cakes

Like all Zanda Panda products, the Unicorn Mold was designed with versatility in mind. You can use it for traditional baking and also for arts, crafts and children's projects!

Try making a "No-Bake Backwards Cake " in our Unicorn Mold with either a chocolate or confectionary coating or with edible clay. You'll be amazed at the results and delighted that something this easy and fun to make could be so elegant.


Make cast paper appliqués and attach to papercrafts for notecards, bookmarks, scrapbooking, etc. Create polymer clay appliqués for decorating jewelry boxes. Make appliqués of edible clay to top cupcakes.

3 Unicorn Appliques
Unicorn Mold Crafts

Unicorn Cookies
More info and a sugar cookie recipe

Making Cookies

Unicorn Mold